Arts Wars.

Jim Carrey under fire for Painting an unflattering Portrait believed to be of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The state of water.

Study finds 93% of bottled water contain microplastics.

All the scrambled egg on his epaulettes couldn’t prevent justice from being served.

Argentina’s last dictator,under house arrest,Reynaldo Bignone,dies at 90.


Because foster parents Derek and Frances Baars refused to lie about the Easter bunny,the Children’s Aid Society removed their two daughters.

Putin on the Ritz.

Putin boasts of arsenal capable of avoiding defences.

‘I’ll keep you’all jumping here’n thera over the next era’.

Xi Jinping is allowed to serve indefinitely.

Norman Nelson[1931 – Feb.23 2018.]Distinguished musician.

Norman gave to the musical world.The world loved him back.