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….The sky IS falling…

…Turns out Chicken Little was right…..

Levelling up.

00……Walpole…Pitt…Peel…Disraeli…Gladstone Lloyd George…Churchill…

Met-Averse: Flight of fancy.

Cheaper than rockets.

Brexit; Fast food woes. No Drivers, no milk shakes, no chicken wings

“And no custard for the Remainer’s pies.”

Election ’21. Be careful what you wish for..

The next government will be held accountable for it’s handling of the imminent climate crisis.

A Kiss on which a scandal dangles..

The Health Minister undone by transgressing Social Distancing rules, Matt Hancock, is chastised by Caroline Slocock, ex private secretary to Margaret Thatcher.,

The last Yahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu ousted as Prime Minister by Coalition.

The scourge of crises past.

Dominic Cummings spills the beans.