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“The Brits may not have mastered Bouillbaisse but they make a great ham sandwich……Merde!..Moutarde Anglaise.”

Border guards seize British truckers ham sandwiches due to new Brexit rules.

Season’s Greetings.

Hold a Masque this Christmas.

Out of the Pen.

Thanksgiving Presidential Pardons.


“Hey, We’re the prime pooches of the United States but they won’t let us in.”

Cummings is goings.

Once in at #10, now out and Downing.

Turkmenistan’s President unveils a golden statue to his favourite dog breed.

“Actually, We’d rather have cash for the dog.”

Extreme money laundering.

Brazilian Senator caught holding over $2000 between his buttocks.

‘ Do I feel a sudden chill from our circumpolar neighbours?’

The eight circumpolar countries get together on this. Please!