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Ingrid Haebler,1929- 14 May 2023. Elegant pianist of the Viennese classics.

Crystalline Mozart. One of the first pianists to perform on period instruments.

Christopher Gunning, 1944- 25th March, 2023. A composer for all seasons.

A composer happy with orchestras and electronics, also a critic and a conductor.

James Bowman CBE. 1941-27th.March 2023. Countertenor with a commanding voice and stage presence.

Defined the role of countertenor voice in early and contemporary music.

Jerold Gerbrecht, 1935-March 25th 2023. Prominent Vancouver musician.

Established the VAM as a notable centre for music education in Canada.

Lynn Seymour,CBE, 8 March 1939 – 7 March 2023. Great dramatic Ballerina.

From Wainwright,Alberta, raised in Vancouver, on to London and World fame.