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Oliver Knussen [1952 – July 8 2018].

Where the wild things were.

Robert Mann(1920-Jan 1,2018.)Fearless fiddler.

Robert Mann,leader of the Juilliard string quartet for 50 years.

“If you are cancelling Amadeus,why not substitute Cosi Fan Tutte – even up the score a bit eh?”

The Board of Directors of Soulpepper Theatre cope with the aftermath of Albert Schultz’s fall from grace.

It’s official: Progress through the courts has become truly Wagnerian.

Richard Wagner appointed as Supreme Court Chief Justice.

All you need is love.

Love is not an ingredient,FDA tells bakery.

“On the road there stands a Linden tree……….that snowed it’s blossoms on to me..”

South Vancouver residents complain of the stinky sticky substance dropping off the Aphid ridden Linden trees.