Archive | May 2012

SpaceX-Men to the Rescue!

Commercially-owned “SpaceX Dragon” delivers 521 kilograms of supplies to the International Space Station.

Losers Not Weepers: 25% of defeated 2011 Conservative candidates land tax-payer-funded Federal Jobs!

The sour cream rises to the top. shown: Jennifer Clarke, Ronald Leung, Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Lawrence Cannon, Larry Smith; appointed to Port Authority, Immigration Canada, UN,  Ambassador to France, Senate.

The new Bag-Lady?

B.C. Government considers allowing restaurant customers to bring their own wine.

Animal Liberation Front “comes to Pappas”

Four Vancouver fur stores, including Pappas, splashed with red paint by anti-fur brigade. {Pappas “furmilias”}

Flies undone in Beijing Toilets!

Beijing public toilets must not exceed 2 flies according to new health regulations.

David Booth: “He shoots, he doesn’t score!”

Vancouver Canuck boasts on Twitter of killing trophy bear using unsporting “bear-baiting” technique.

Party Unity: All together in the All-together

Margaret Sutherland’s nude portrait of Prime Minister Harper draws cheeky responses

The Running of the Parmesans

Italian Earthquake causes damage to 400,000 giant, round Parmesan cheeses as shelves collapse.