Archive | February 2012

“Costa Allegra” rechristened “Costa Molto Adagio”

Sister ship of Costa Concordia adrift after fire and loss of engine power. {Cruise-Line renamed "Costa Lotta"}

Putin will not be Put out, Despite “Assassination attempt”

Putin likely a shoo-in to win Presidential election

“Bring Out Your Nearly Dead!” Dutch roll out ‘mobile euthanasia units”

Dutch Physician and ethics specialist, Johannes Van Delden, says no evidence of "slippery slope" so far

A Donne Deal? “Ask not for whom the roads toll; they toll for thee”

Extensive tolls proposed for Metro Vancouver to fund TransLink

Good Cop Bad Dog!

Vancouver Police Dogs Misbehaving: responsible for 121 hospitalizations in last 2 years

Greek Financial Bailout may not stop Debt Trajectory

Greek Financial Minister Evangelos Venizelos as Sysyphus

Cat basking in today’s sun: Antidote to the BC Budget

"Who among us hasn't envied a cat's ability to ignore the cares of daily life and relax completely" - Karen Brademeyer

Kevin Falcon and the “Big Squeeze” Budget

Falcon explains the difference between a V-shaped, an L-shaped and a FU-shaped economic recovery

The Greatest Minds in Science Visit Vancouver

The American Association for the Advancement of Science conference held in Vancouver