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WILBUR ! A lumber puncture.

Wilbur Ross says Canada is dumping lumber,as he dumps on Canada.

“Why the fuss Muriel,we chew the cud they get the milk.”

Trump becomes soured over the Canadian dairy supply management.

Moscow: Tillerson v. Lavrov.

Not a game for rookies.

“We’ll blow them apart before they hack us to bits.”

Policies indefensible: Donald Trump wants to expand US nuclear capabilities.

Lawyer,lawyer pants on fire.

A faulty battery in an e-cigarette spontaneously combusted in the pocket of a lawyer arguing for his client in an arson case.The conflagration warmed up the usual glacial proceedings.

‘It doesn’t hafta be Nafta.’

US.cmmerce secretary Wilbur Ross says the first formal step in renegotiating NAFTA will take place within the next couple of weeks.

” In the unlikely event of an emergency,adjust your headsets for the Lord’s prayer.”

What could possibly go wrong?Two Space tourists have paid a considerable deposit for a looped trip beyond the moon and back.SpaceX CEO,Elon Musk said”The moonshot will be entirely autonomous –unless something goes wrong.”