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The Great politicalGate of Kyiv.

The Special Photo operations.

Donna Hossack. 1931 -April 25, 2022.

Eminent Canadian Harpist.

Boris Brott ,OC,OOnt. 1944-APRIL 5,2022.

Prominent Canadian conductor and music communicator.

Gloria Doubleday 1931-Feb.21st. 2022.

Celebrated Canadian Contralto and prominent Langley citizen.

Canada to build Ammo factory in Ukraine.

…What could possibly go wrong…..?

January 6. A year since the the assault on the Capital. Canada experiencing assault shortage.

Annus horribilis. Joe Biden reflects, Justin Trudeau deflects.

Let’s bring some joy to the world.

Season’s greetings. December, 2021.

….The sky IS falling…

…Turns out Chicken Little was right…..