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WILBUR ! A lumber puncture.

Wilbur Ross says Canada is dumping lumber,as he dumps on Canada.

“Why the fuss Muriel,we chew the cud they get the milk.”

Trump becomes soured over the Canadian dairy supply management.

‘Remember when they used to say the most dangerous part of flying is driving to the airport ?’

United Airlines drag passenger from his seat on overbooked flight.

Cash flow.

Political donations are rarely altruistic.[Kinder Morgan donates $770,000 to the BC.Liberals].

‘It doesn’t hafta be Nafta.’

US.cmmerce secretary Wilbur Ross says the first formal step in renegotiating NAFTA will take place within the next couple of weeks.

Animal crackers? [ the Law is not an Ass – it’s a Pig. ]

An act of compassion:by giving water to Pigs on their way to be slaughtered,Anita Krajnc,accused of mischeif has been dragged through the Courts.

Theresa May,or may not…

Opt for the hard Brexit.

Opt for the hard Brexit.