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A NZ community wants to ban all cats.

A little Papal Bull required.

Divisions within the Catholic church over sexual abuse.

It was a great century.

Leonard Bernstein.August 25 1918 -1990

“The path to enlightenment is the ability to read,Millicent.”

Betsy Devos,US Secretary of Education,wants to raid Academic enrichment funds to buy guns.

Uruguay.What a guy.

Former president Jose Mujica rejects pension.’True freedom is to consume little.’

1001 lashes.

Canada in spat with Saudi Arabia.

‘A man’s a man for a’ that’

Victoria city council vote(7-1) to remove Sir John A. Macdonald statue.

Spaced out.Better defend the home front.

Trump plans a space force.

The Gatti are out of the bag.

Conductor Daniele Gatti Fired from the Royal Concertgebouw orchestra for alleged sexual misconduct.