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Lacrimosa.Scientists develop the eye safe Allium.


‘Full of tears will be that day/When from ashes shall arise’/The altered onion cooks will say/And science will but merely surmise/The vanished pungence Leaves us fearless/Flavours gone but now we’re tearless.

“..Hey…I’m sweating!”

Ignoble Duke of York/He had 10 alibi’s/He brought them up to distract the court/Then hid down to evade the law/And when they were up they were up/And when shot down he was down/And when nearly there they said your alibi’s/Don’t hold Truth your lies to disguise.

Manchin lets the side down.

…and disappoints a further 8 billion.

….The sky IS falling…

…Turns out Chicken Little was right…..


When politicians fail, it’s up to the people.

Met-Averse: Flight of fancy.

Cheaper than rockets.

Election ’21.