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Conrad Black.

Born again Canadian.

Comedy Noire.

Belarus, the nuclear toy shop, first choice of autocrats.

Jerold Gerbrecht, 1935-March 25th 2023. Prominent Vancouver musician.

Established the VAM as a notable centre for music education in Canada.

Lynn Seymour,CBE, 8 March 1939 – 7 March 2023. Great dramatic Ballerina.

From Wainwright,Alberta, raised in Vancouver, on to London and World fame.

Ethics Commissioner calls for mandatory ethics training for all senior Liberals.

‘When you get in trouble and don’t know right from wrong, give a little whistle.’

Burt Bacharach 1928- 8th February2023. The composer who struck a gold seam and mined it for six decades.

In addition to his natural gifts he was a knowledgeable orchestrator and studied with Darius Milhaud.