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The 6th of May: Our retreat from progress.

South Carolina lawmakers to allow execution by firing squad.

Anthony Payne,1936-30 April 2021.Composer, Music Critic, Musicologist.

Acclaimed for his reconstruction of Elgar’s 3rd Symphony.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Boris kisses the Blarney stone.

Freddie Redd. 1928-March 17th 2021. Bopping Pianist.


Composed music for ‘The Connection’ and performed as musician and actor on stage and the film version.

“To boldly reclaim…….”

In Politics your name is your brand( CBC Commentator.)

Either in bronze or plaster, the Iron Lady remains controversial.

Margaret Thatcher unveiled: her home town won’t pay for the statue.

Steuart Bedford.1939-Feb.15,2021.Reliable conductor.

Dependable associate of Benjamin Britten.