Archive | August 2012

Cummins is Goins?

B.C. Conservative leader, John Cummins faces leadership review.

Canadian Senate will deal with “mental incompetence” issue

Constitutional expert asks “If someone is legally incompetent, can they be a Senator?” [It hasn’t stopped any of them so far!]

Larry caught the mouse, [if not the mole].

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s ┬ácat, “Larry”, catches first mouse at 10 Downing Street. At least some security staff are doing their job.

And Lo, the Satellite in the East went before them…

Israeli, Old-Testament, Biblical-immersion theme-park fits donkeys with Wi-Fi

A Tale of Two Armstrongs, Part 1: Neil, Apollo

Astronaut Neil Armstrong, man-on-the-moon, dead at age 82

Honda’s robotic lawnmower “Miimo” to go on sale in Europe next year

“..and on that farm they had some ‘bots, Mi-i, Mi-i-mo”