Archive | November 2017

Hip hip Harare.

Amid rejoicing Emmerson Mnangagwa returns to Zimbabwe as leader.


In the Peruvian and Brazilian Beauty contests the judges become the judged.

Flying the coup?

Mugabe eased out of office?

Scrabble squabble.The word got out.

Scrabble expert gets triple year ban for cheating.

Blue murder on the Chunnel express.

London to Brussels by train takes two hours.Westminster to the European Headquarters takes far longer.

“Do you think it wise to let the valet park our money?”

The Paradise papers reveal the British Royal family have offshore accounts.


Canadians in Paradise.

Foam home.

40 million faulty fire extinguishers recalled.

The origin of the specious.

Andrew Scheer blasts Trudeau for supporting the Governor General after her ‘Divine intervention’ comments.