Archive | December 2017

Rattled,Charles Dutoit tries to disguise himself back to the podium.

Recently some performers sported Simon Rattle wigs as Simon Rattle conducted Bernstein’s Wonderful Town.

Welcome to the new year.

It will be hard to avoid some of these people in 2018.

From triple 0 to triple triple oh!$245,000,000

White Spot Georgia location sells for $245m.

“WAIT!! It’s filled with horse manure.”

US,Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin calls the bomb squad to investigate a gift wrapped parcel left on the doorstep of his Bel Air mansion.

Season’s greetings.

Here’s hoping Christmas will elevate your spirits!

“Hey guy,cats ain’t good eating.”

Steve Ecklund takes the heat for killing a Cougar.

Le boeuf sur Dutoit.

Conductor Charles Dutoit is added to the naughty list.

‘What are Trump’s?’.

When Rex met Chrystia in Ottawa.

There were shepherds abiding.

Peace on Earth goodwill to all men.

Lettuce: It can kill you.

21 cases of E Coli linked to Romaine lettuce.