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‘Hey, this calls for a drink down at the water hole.’

Rhino poacher trampled by an Elephant, eaten by Lions.

‘I Haftar march on Tripoli (in my pyjamas?).

The Libyan National Army advances to Tripoli.

The pot calling the kettle black.

Liberal MP’s call out JWR for ‘unethical’ phone recording.

Women’s right to bare arms.

BC Legislature updates dress code.

John Joubert.1927 – Jan.2019.

Composer.Torches for Christmas.

“Well herr Google,when your machine has figured out my canon, come back and see me.”

AI,after studying Bach chorales, can harmonize two bars of random melody.

Exemplar leadership.Jacinda Ardern.

Compassion.Decisive action.NZ.shootings.