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No farewells were spoken.

Canada, Address UNDRIP.

Boris and Carrie get married.

Say it with flowers.

Frittata Cicada. Buon appetito.

Billions of Cicadas are emerging after 17 years and many of them are going into the pot.

Greg Abbott, A man after his time (a long time after)

Texas Governor signs Heartbeat Abortion Act into Law.

Eyeless in Gaza

Looking the other way. The Palestine/Israel locked in conflict.

The 6th of May: Our retreat from progress.

South Carolina lawmakers to allow execution by firing squad.

Comedian Adrian Edmondson traps himself on window ledge, gets rescued by fire brigade.

‘ A window cleaner you would be/ If you see what I can see/When I’m cleaning’ windows.’

Christa Ludwig, 1928-24 April,2021.

One of the most outstanding and distinguished singers of her generation.

The ‘Ever Giving.’

” After our $1b collected and the multiple lawsuits settled, it’s yours mr. Noah. The boat is fairly unmaneuverable in a storm though.”