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Overdoing the exercises.

“Perhaps I should have worn less rope.”

Rum Sour Caribbean greets Royal charm tour.

Gloria Doubleday 1931-Feb.21st. 2022.

Celebrated Canadian Contralto and prominent Langley citizen.

Diminishing Royalty.

No amount of nannies could shield the Queen from parenthood.

The Queen’s Great Platinum Pudding Competition.

…and the finalists are…”Sticky-Tory-Pudding, Andrew’s”Call my Duff”, and “Staines Boris”.

“..Hey…I’m sweating!”

Ignoble Duke of York/He had 10 alibi’s/He brought them up to distract the court/Then hid down to evade the law/And when they were up they were up/And when shot down he was down/And when nearly there they said your alibi’s/Don’t hold Truth your lies to disguise.

Manchin lets the side down.

…and disappoints a further 8 billion.

The Party Party.

The spirits of Christmas past. Tories broke the rules.