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“Hey, We’re the prime pooches of the United States but they won’t let us in.”

Turkmenistan’s President unveils a golden statue to his favourite dog breed.

“Actually, We’d rather have cash for the dog.”

Extreme money laundering.

Brazilian Senator caught holding over $2000 between his buttocks.

Singing together can be deadly.

Some serious outbreaks related to choirs and singing.

Gaining the National Trust, step by step.

Boris jogs around St.James’ park, then the private grounds of Lambeth and Buckingham Palace.

“Bet you can’t cock a leg that high.”

Service dogs taken to see Billy Elliot.


Trump would like to buy Greenland.

A British grouse.

Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population.[Survey]

A Law without bite.

The Mayor of Feuquieres bans dogs from barking.