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Hot Air?

Obama, citing security risks, blocks Chinese company from owning wind farms next to Naval Base

Bluenose II sails again. Schooner “lager”-than-life?

Latest version is a state-of-the-art restoration of the Bluenose II built in 1963 by Oland family to promote Schooner Beer

Amazon e-reader education program “roman-kindles”

US State Department cancels $16.5 million program to use Kindle e-readers as language teaching aid around the world.

This news Just-in. Can it be Tru,deau?

Justin Trudeau, son of former famed Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, expected to announce he will run for leadership of the Federal Liberal Party

Canadian Bishops cancel foreign-aid educational campaign over fears that Harper’s Conservatives will cut funding

Harper’s Conservative Government has cancelled funding for non-profit aid organizations who have criticized its controversial changes to international assistance policies.

John Martin jumps ship

Former Chilliwack Conservative Candidate abandons sinking Conservative Party to run as a Liberal

Death: the most effective pain relief?

Chinese herbal arthritis-pain-reliever recalled for containing high levels of mercury, lead and arsenic.

“Bee” Prepared?

Thieves steal bees from Boy Scouts’ Conservation project.

Ladies of the Night get their Day in Court

Supreme Court of Canada rules that the Vancouver group,”Sex Workers United Against Violence Society”, can proceed with challenge to Canadian anti-prostitution Laws.

And Baby Makes Four?

Britain plans to legalize controversial fertility treatment that creates babies using 3 parents.