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Bramwell Tovey. 1953 – 12th.July 2022. Conductor, Composer, Communicator.

A generous, witty man who contributed so much to the Vancouver musical scene and evidently enjoyed doing it.

Owen Swindale, 1927-2021. Gifted musician.

Wrote the standard textbook on 16th century polyphony.

Sir Harrison Birtwistle.CH 1934-April 18,2022.

Great English modernist composer.

Boris Brott ,OC,OOnt. 1944-APRIL 5,2022.

Prominent Canadian conductor and music communicator.

Joseph Horovitz 1926-Feb.9th.2022. Versatile,Austrian-British composer.

Inventive, witty and prolific composer in all genres.

Mikis Theodorakis 1925-2 Sept.2021.

Prominent Greek composer, prolific output of classical forms often using Greek folkstyle. known also as a political firebrand.