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Norma Proctor,Contralto.[1928 – May 2,2017]

Norma Proctor known for her oratorio and recital work and particularly known for her recordings of Mahler.

Prince Philip stops looking at things.

Prince Philip retires from public life at the age of 96.

Keith Harvey ,distinguished English cellist.1938 – May 5,2017′

Keith Harvey,Gabrieli string quartet,English chamber orchestra.Youngest principal to be appointed by the LPO.

An American in Moscow:Michael Flynn’s fling.

Fired U.S. National security adviser Michael Flynn wants immunity in Russian probe.

Vera Lynn celebrates her 100th birthday.

The Forces’ Sweetheart of WW2 is still looking over the White Cliffs of Dover.

The secret hoard.

Officials are seeking the original owner of a piano containing a fortune in gold Sovereigns minted between the mid 19th century and the early 20th.The dates suggest that Paderewski might have been the original owner.

A la recherche du ‘tapes’ perdu.

113 year old footage of Marcel Proust is discovered.

113 year old footage of Marcel Proust is discovered.