About Ian

Ian is a cellist with a passion for drawing.
He intends to post a daily drawing on this blog after he has completed his “daily dozen” practicing.

24 responses to “About Ian”

  1. Sandra Chapman says :

    Love the Birkenstocks and socks. Did you know, a mans’ character can always be assessed through his foot wear.

  2. Dianne says :

    Great to see your excellent drawings, Ian. The more the better. I’m now a subscriber!
    What is the “daily dozen”?

  3. Wilmer Fawcett says :

    Ian, love the blog! The drawings are priceless and so you :). I treasure the sketch you did of me on the Russia trip…must repost it as my facebook pic.
    Hope you’re well…thanks to Sue for the link.

  4. JMPM says :

    I love the drawins, they are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them! You are awesome 🙂

  5. Emily heeryeong Hwang says :

    Hello Ian,
    Now I’ve found you here! I think You drew yourself looking too old.
    (You don’t look that old.) Very characteristic with your birkenstocks!
    How could I even imagine you have a blog?
    May I visit with you from time to time?
    I knew you were so talented in drawing art, let alone in music but
    I have to say this: you are an amazing person to me!
    Emily heeryeong Hwang..

  6. Jessica Kim says :

    Hello Ian! I just looked at the drawings and I love the realistic facial expressions. I will drop by from time to time to look at your drawings. They are very wonderful 🙂

  7. Barry Hill says :

    Hi Ian

    I just phoned to say ‘congrats’ on the Honourary Doctorate (richly deserved and I’m delighted) and you dropped ‘hungdrawnandcultured’ in my ear with about as much urgency as the proverbial snail in a hurry! Your blog (in pictures) is a delight…too! Love your convocation sketch! Will attach ‘hungdrawnandcultured’ to my favourites; after all, aren’t we all dying to be drawn,hung, and cultured!!? May the ink never run dry.


  8. peter says :

    hey ian its peter pao

    Thanks for the postcard. It’s very cool.

  9. Gene Ramsbottom says :

    post the Soviet Union drawings you did!

  10. Elizabeth says :

    Hi Ian, Thanks so much for the Christmas card… and the link to this blog! This is fantastic– love the drawings. All the best to you and Sue (I hope the cats are well too)– I’ll have to send over a card soon, too!

    all the best,


  11. Frances says :

    These are great. I had missed some of the earlier ones in the archive… clicked on “Older Posts” to see the lot, and now subscribed 🙂

  12. Victor Davies says :

    what fun to receive your Christmas card!
    your drawings are fabulous!
    hope this finds you still in high spirits and enjoying the spring air!

    best wishes from both Lori & I


  13. sebyur says :

    Dearest Mr.Hampton!!!!
    I have pleasantly recived ur Christmas card in May and soooooooooooo glad to find ur brilliant blog!! I feel so connected to u again:) I think of u frequently and Wendy and Stanley always still asks of u! Miss u very much. Warm hugs and kisses!!!
    Ohhhh I remember ur birkenstocks LOL

  14. Lee Lockwood says :

    Loved the drawings…you are a man of many skillsets….

  15. Jessica Kim says :

    Dear Ian

    I have been visiting the blog and your drawings are so full of character.
    I love them very much!!!

    Miss you & hope to see you soon.


  16. Kate Nonesuch says :

    I found your site while searching for an image of rats leaving a sinking ship. I was searching for images that were not copyright.

    I don’t see any mention of copyright on your site. What’s your policy on other people re-using your great graphics?

  17. Eric Kappler says :

    Hello Ian,

    Some great material you’ve got here. Would love to see your take on the impending retirement of the Sea King Helicopter fleet, or even the foibles of the Navy and Airforce

  18. denis halliwell says :

    Ian…are you one who drew and wrote about Mary Lamb Bobak?

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