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‘Three little words.’

Wash your hands.

Hans-Karl Piltz.1923-April 11,2020

Hans-Karl Pil

Violist, Conductor, one of the Founders of UBC School of Music.

“My Easter Dubonnet.”

“Here’s a health to all our medical workers.”

Robert Creech 1928-Dec 20th.2019.

Mover and shaker on the Canadian music scene.

Simon Streatfeild 1929-Dec.7,2019.

A great contributor to the Vancouver music scene.

Trudeau: We will continue to move forward..

..Likewise the climate- but it’s accelerating.

Pouring oil on the flames.

The Trudeau cabinet approves the Trans mountain pipeline.

International Women’s Day.

Four composers :Three British,one Canadian.

Fridays child : strikes for climate change.

Wednesday’s child strikes on Fridays for climate action.