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Habeas corpus. Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch is often invoked when cracking legal nuts.

Ward Branch is the latest Judge to quote the sketch while okaying a case against a misleading product.

The sugared words of abandonment.

The inadequacy of shock and awe.

A Tangled webbing,Harjit Sajjan gets a Lickn’

Military omsbudsman, Gregory Lick criticizes handling of military misconduct.

No farewells were spoken.

Canada, Address UNDRIP.

Eyeless in Gaza

Looking the other way. The Palestine/Israel locked in conflict.

adVance positions.

Sophie Gregoire offers a yoga class to MP’s stressed out about military scandals.

“To boldly reclaim…….”

In Politics your name is your brand( CBC Commentator.)

Stuck on the ice flow.

At -70c Pfizer vaccine is a problematic roll out.

Advise and to scold.

The pushback on the Canadian surge

Site unseen.

Awash in Dollars.