Archive | September 2012

“Bee” Prepared?

Thieves steal bees from Boy Scouts’ Conservation project.

Ladies of the Night get their Day in Court

Supreme Court of Canada rules that the Vancouver group,”Sex Workers United Against Violence Society”, can proceed with challenge to Canadian anti-prostitution Laws.

And Baby Makes Four?

Britain plans to legalize controversial fertility treatment that creates babies using 3 parents.

Postal Express?

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor radar…”
Police impound Canada Post van for speeding 45 k-p-h over “posted” limit

The power of Zero, [‘Tis better to give than to receive?]

BC Government insists on 0% wage increase for Teachers in contract negotiations.
BC Teachers are allowed to give marks of zero for incomplete assignments, unlike Alberta teachers who have been fired for doing do so.

Justice may be blind but she’s not deaf

2 in 5 Canadians lack adequate English literacy skills to navigate complex justice system

Peace Didn’t Have a Chance

Cloverdale fails to set record for giant human peace sign after only 625 turn out instead of needed 6,000