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“No telltale signs of landslide” says B.C. Premier Christy Clark

Clark says lessons need to be learned, but Johnsons Landing ┬átragedy couldn’t have been predicted.
Will she say the same on May 15th 2013?

Drones vs. Cranes

Over citizens’ protests, Britain installs rooftop missiles on residential buildings for Olympic security.
In other news, Texas moves to protect Crane nesting sites on Private land.

“Ask not for whom the bridge tolls…”

B.C. Liberal Government spends $400,000 advertising Port Mann toll bridge.
In related news, 8 high-profile MLA’s won’t run for Christy Clark’s Liberals in next election.

Bulls: 3, Yanks and Brits: 0

Bull gores 2 British, 1 American during “Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona Spain

Canadian Government considers contracting out prison services, including meals

“Our B&E breakfast special remains very popular”

Health Inspectors find that private pools often have harmful levels of Chlorine

“If you value your tan, don’t go into the pool!”

Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel: Blowing Smoke?

Multi-million dollar PR campaign for Northern Gateway Pipeline Project rings false after U.S. regulatory watchdog issues damning report warning of “pervasive systemic problems, mistakes and missteps”