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Downward Mobility?

Hell’s Angels intend to relocate from White Rock to Surrey.
[White Rock, Black Angels]

Double-Double Duty? G.I. [Cup of] Joe

Canadian Military advertises job post for “coffee commando”: clerk who’s main duties are to “prepare coffee orders, set up commanding officer’s coffee and control coffee inventory and revenue “

British Bus drivers get lost taking American and Australian Athletes to the Olympic Village

Could this be part of Britain’s strategy to win the lion’s share of medals at the Games?

“No telltale signs of landslide” says B.C. Premier Christy Clark

Clark says lessons need to be learned, but Johnsons Landing ┬átragedy couldn’t have been predicted.
Will she say the same on May 15th 2013?

Drones vs. Cranes

Over citizens’ protests, Britain installs rooftop missiles on residential buildings for Olympic security.
In other news, Texas moves to protect Crane nesting sites on Private land.