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Skyfall: James Bond takes on Chicken Little

Skyfall: James Bond takes on Chicken Little

Pillow shares: Love is blind but not marriage

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other Canadian Conservative Government Ministers’ spouses, hold publicly traded shares in companies that could be affected by government decisions.[Govt. ministers must put shares into blind trust to avoid conflict of interest]

Sunscreen causes burns! [Missing the Banana Boat]

Banana Boat spray-on sunscreen recalled: people have caught on fire after applying it.

Flaherty will get you nowhere, “Hand over your wallets”

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduces major cut-backs to MP’s lucrative pension plan.

Bosnian Serb leader, Karadzic, on trial for genocide, claims his “tolerant nature” deserves “reward”

“Its a quiet town in Crossbone County… as quiet as a buryin’ ground… They may shoot you dead, but they’re wonderful boys!”