Archive | October 2012

Sunscreen causes burns! [Missing the Banana Boat]

Banana Boat spray-on sunscreen recalled: people have caught on fire after applying it.

Flaherty will get you nowhere, “Hand over your wallets”

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduces major cut-backs to MP’s lucrative pension plan.

Bosnian Serb leader, Karadzic, on trial for genocide, claims his “tolerant nature” deserves “reward”

“Its a quiet town in Crossbone County… as quiet as a buryin’ ground… They may shoot you dead, but they’re wonderful boys!”

A Rabbi a Buddhist and an Imam don’t walk into a prison…

Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, cancels all contracts for non-Christian prison Chaplains

The Mounties Always get Their “Mane”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police issues call for 2,000 real coyote furs for its parkas, over protests from animal rights groups

The “Tail of the Squirrel Nut-King”

Michigan man burns down apartment complex while trying to cook squirrel with propane torch.

Israel shoots down Hezbollah drone

Americans have to put up with drones for 24 more days

Red Planet, Red Rover, Red faces

Nassau: excitement turns to embarrassment when analysis of shiny red object scooped from surface of Mars by Rover “Curiosity” turns out to be…. a piece of Rover!