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Bangers and Bluster.

EU to make offer to end Sausage War, UK says the offer does not go far enough.

Baroness Louise Casey on the case.

Investigation of a range of issues including misogyny in the Metropolitan Police Force.

Pandora’s Big Box (UK Division)

The Government cares for you in the hour of need You failed the Government in your hour of greed.

Old Blighty 80 years on. This was their leanest hour. Sir Short Supply.

Never was so little supplied to so many by so few. Sir Stafford Cripps.

Carlisle Floyd,1926-30th September 2021. Opera from the American South.

Composed at least 12 operas, usually writing his own librettos.

George Mraz,1944- 16th September 2021. Great Jazz Bassist.

Vituoso with a sonorous,buoyant tone and agile style.

Norman Bailey, CBE,1933- 15th September 2021 British 0peratic Bass-Baritone.

Associated with Wagner operas, particularly in the role of Wotan in the Ring Cycle.