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POTUS and the NIMBY’s

Neighbours don’t want Donald Trump living at Mar a Lago.

Sheila Nelson, 1936 – Nov.16,2020.

Who taught the pleasures of ensemble playing to very young musicians.

Stuck on the ice flow.

At -70c Pfizer vaccine is a problematic roll out.

Called from the Bar.

” The Law is an Ass.”

Camilla Wicks 1928-Nov.25,2020,stellar American violinist.

At the height of her career she retired to devote her time to her family.

Advise and to scold.

The pushback on the Canadian surge

Out of the Pen.

Thanksgiving Presidential Pardons.


“Hey, We’re the prime pooches of the United States but they won’t let us in.”

Cummings is goings.

Once in at #10, now out and Downing.