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The ‘Ever Giving.’

” After our $1b collected and the multiple lawsuits settled, it’s yours mr. Noah. The boat is fairly unmaneuverable in a storm though.”

‘Du Bist Die Ruh.’

Afghanistan bans girls over 12 from singing in public.

‘Rock-Paper-Scissors ?’


Driving Infractions. UBC. grad. Loujain al Hathloul jailed for 6 years.

Meanwhile Canada provides LAV’s for the Saudi’s to drive.

Turkmenistan’s President unveils a golden statue to his favourite dog breed.

“Actually, We’d rather have cash for the dog.”

Trump’s Pop star.

Amy Coney Barrett(People of Praise)

“With this soap I thee wash…”

UK Government’s new guidelines for weddings.

“My Easter Dubonnet.”

“Here’s a health to all our medical workers.”