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The two days of Summit.

$23 million spent on 600 vehicles for the Motorcade.

“I don’t normally care for plastic but that was delicious.”

Plastic particles are working their way up the food chain.

“Could Elephants reach higher than Giraffes,Mom ?”

60% decline in wildlife since 1970.

Don’t tell aunt Rhody.

William Preucil,fired concertmaster of the Cleveland orchestra for sexual misconduct, has been replaced by the Suzuki Association for it’s new violin lesson recordings.

Leaders getting longer noses over Saudis.

Western Leaders looking for excuses not to cut off their arms shipments to Saudi Arabia.

Taking cover…Trump should know.

“One of the worst cover ups in the history of cover ups.”

Oil and water don’t mix.

Don Blankenship(coal)and Harold Hamm(oil) go for a paddle.