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Mission Accomplished: Hayden-go-seek

Mission B.C. swimmer, Brent Hayden, wins medal and redemption in London Olympics

“Ewe-K” Olympic Opening Ceremony

“Just because you starred in the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies doesn’t mean you won’t end up as someone’s sweater in the Winter Olympics!”

London installs residential rooftop missiles as part of Olympic security

“chim, chim che-ree, ¬†on the rooftops of London, coo, what a sight!”

British Bus drivers get lost taking American and Australian Athletes to the Olympic Village

Could this be part of Britain’s strategy to win the lion’s share of medals at the Games?

Drones vs. Cranes

Over citizens’ protests, Britain installs rooftop missiles on residential buildings for Olympic security.
In other news, Texas moves to protect Crane nesting sites on Private land.