The Other 1%

If you can't Hog, then Hedge!

About hungdrawnandcultured

I am a "semi-retired" professional cellist, born in England, but living in BC for the past 45 years. I have a passion for drawing and will endeavour to use the medium of pen-and-ink to comment each day on anything current, cultural or comical that catches my attention.

2 responses to “The Other 1%”

  1. Linda Lee says :

    I guess I am stupid – or really drunk – don’t get it.

    • hungdrawnandcultured says :

      Perhaps I might have been drunk when I conceived it.
      It is a rather oblique reference to the “Occupy” protests. [they refer to themselves as the 99%, as in the statistic that 1% of the population owns 85% of the wealth]
      The hedgehogs seemed appropriate for the greedy 1% as in Hogging the wealth and hedging their bets or hedge funds etc. A bit of a stretch, I know.
      Thanks for all your comments!

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