La Cathedrale engloutie.

Paris.The Seine overflows embankments.

Paris.The Seine overflows embankments.

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About hungdrawnandcultured

I am a "semi-retired" professional cellist, born in England, but living in BC for the past 45 years. I have a passion for drawing and will endeavour to use the medium of pen-and-ink to comment each day on anything current, cultural or comical that catches my attention.

One response to “La Cathedrale engloutie.”

  1. MOORE JOY says :

    Dear Ian,

    Terrific drawing and reference to Debussy and 1910 floods. I marvel at all your works of art and the breadth and scope of your relevance to contemporary political, artistic and cultural events. You are a great and creative artist and I also marvel at your productivity.

    Just returned from Devon, rural life and toxic Brexit discourse (vote three weeks from now). Tabloids and ‘leave’ campaigns are stridently xenophobic and anti-immigrant and latest Guardian poll puts the leave side marginally ahead. What with Trump and the rise of right wing racist-groups in Europe I fear future outcomes. Certainly if leave is successful with Boris Johnson leading a fractured Tory party and Trump as President – a nightmare scenario. Canada appears to be a haven of civility and inclusiveness despite the obvious problems. Give me Trudeau any day!

    Visited Edinburgh and explored Waddell School archives – what a great musical institution and legacy to all of us and the generations that were inspired. Mamie and Ruth’s mother was a fine artist and her diaries and drawings were in the archives – in particular covering period from 1910 – 1920’s. Mamie was a key musical mentor in my life and I benefitted from the instruments she loaned me from the beginning. I also have fond memories of Pooles Synod Hall and the pre-lesson movies!

    I have been thinking of visiting. BC sometime to touch base with my brother and two nieces and nephew – all doing well. And would also like to visit with you and Susan. However I am split between Montreal and Devon right now.

    Thank you for sharing your art and insights.

    Best wishes Joy

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