“He thought it was a walk on part.”

Vancouver civic theatre's are infested with rodents.

Vancouver civic theatre’s are infested with rodents.

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About hungdrawnandcultured

I am a "semi-retired" professional cellist, born in England, but living in BC for the past 45 years. I have a passion for drawing and will endeavour to use the medium of pen-and-ink to comment each day on anything current, cultural or comical that catches my attention.

One response to ““He thought it was a walk on part.””

  1. Linda Lee says :

    It’s true – and has been for quite some time. Last year I was peeing back stage (in the toilet) and a mouse ran over my foot.
    They haven’t yet mentioned about the bed bugs in the seats of the Orpheum. Why do you think they replaced them all. And we now have leather couches in the green room.
    Just sayin’

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