The D.T.’s.

"we must strengthen our nuclear capability until the World comes to it's senses".Donald Trump.

“we must strengthen our nuclear capability until the World comes to it’s senses”.Donald Trump.

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About hungdrawnandcultured

I am a "semi-retired" professional cellist, born in England, but living in BC for the past 45 years. I have a passion for drawing and will endeavour to use the medium of pen-and-ink to comment each day on anything current, cultural or comical that catches my attention.

One response to “The D.T.’s.”

  1. Joy Moore says :

    Dear Ian,

    Thank you so much for this and all your other insightful and artistic drawings on important current events, Prospect of a Trump presidency is frightening- nuclear escalation ? – he is a narcissistic, self absorbed man with no knowledge of the complexities of international politics and diplomacy – as well as being a racist, misogynist and xenophobic. His appointments/ policies championing big oil, Israeli settlements and anti environment and climate change among others are destructive and will affect not only the US but the rest of the international community. I am fearful for the next four years.

    Thank you again – I heard this quote in relation to the Syrian crisis and brutal destruction of Aleppo/genocide. “The World will not be destroyed by those who do Evil, but those who watch and do nothing “. Albert Einstein. I do fear that there is an ominous return to the conditions and politics of 1930’s, rise of fascism and rule of demagogic and authoritarian leaders.

    Best wishes to you and Sue . Joy

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